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  1. You dont need to go to the registry, just go to extra/options/General and disable Hardware acceleration. This gives the same result. For my System this works
  2. Hi, i have the same problem, black notes, high cpu, many evernotesubprocesses in taskmanager. After a while the note is visible, when going to another note the same happens again.. Disabling hardware acceleration fixed it
  3. ...its not a bug, its a feature ;-) Do you remember, did this work before? i am not sure
  4. So, okay i did a reinstall. I took 6.9.7. And it works!! So good !! And "apple-systems" is gone... The issue on the web interface (not possible to edit encrypted notes)stays. Maybe this is normal, im not sure whether i did edit it there before. But I noticed this when I tried it, because the local software didn't work. Thanks for helping to you all
  5. Can you please check in your evernote software (windows) if you also have the name "apple systems" as first entry in the font list (on every note). I don't remember ever seeing that before. Please see screeschot. So i think this is a part of the problem??? How can i repair evernote on windows? Uninstall and reinstall? i did for security reasons an enex export before. Shall i unistall evernote?
  6. Hello, now another addition: in evernote under windows no notes can be edited anymore. I can no longer select text. I noticed when I tried to create a new note, and then click in the text field that suddenly "-apple-system" is displayed in the upper left corner of the font field. It is not possible to change the font
  7. Hello, I have 2 problems: in the webinterface it is not possible to edit an encrypted message. When I open the message with the passphrase and click into the word to edit, the whole section is highlighted, it is not possible to edit the text. The second problem is that under windows 7 I can't open anencrypted note anymore. The field doesn't react, I can't even enter the passphrase. windows version is (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) But under android in the sam account and notice it worked what can i do?
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