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  1. OMG! I just figured it out. I was using the MAC in system toggle (right click on green button at window and TILE WINDOW RIGHT OF SCREEN/TILE WINDOW LEFT OF SCREEN appears. But you have to go to the EN toolbar under windows and select there. It worked!
  2. @Roosvh I'm having the same problem. When I toggle for EN to be either left or right screen, it shows me the other windows I have open but I can't click on any of them and the words NO WINDOWS AVAILABLE FOR SPLIT VIEW appear. See photo attached I'm on a newer MacBook Air and running macOS Big Sur 11.4. I'm also using the most up to date EN app for Mac. My stop gap solution is to have an external monitor but that's only a possibility when I'm at home or at the office. Can't do that poolside and that's a real problem.
  3. @MikeP Thank you for all your help. Apparently on the Mac version, you have to drag the tag to the note listing not the note itself or the tag section at the bottom of the note. I made video if anyone else looks at this and can't figure it out either. Screen Recording 2021-05-28 at 6.23.21 PM.mov Screen Recording 2021-05-28 at 6.23.21 PM.mov
  4. @MikeP Thank you. This makes complete sense and now I see what you mean. I love the drag and drop feature but I don't seem to have that option on the Mac version. ☹️ And yes I can see that letters in the middle of tags pop up in the edit menu search function. Wish it worked that that on the add tag at the bottom of the note.
  5. @MikeP can you explain better the edit tags menu and how you use it? It may be staring right now at me and I don't know what I'm looking at. I"m on a Mac and using the most recent version. And I do understand how some people wouldn't want the tags to pop up like I'd like. But since I use my tags a bibliographic index so that I can sort notes into larger subject areas when looking for all my research on a particular subject, it would be helpful if when I started typing the tag it would popup from lots of choices to narrower and narrower. Also I'd love if would let me type addresses and then show me all the sub categories as well. Or if I type County, it would show all the tags with the word County even if County is the second word in the tag. I tried using no space and using underscore between words but it is still not seeing anything but the first letter of the tag. And this just for when I'm tagging notes before filing them. I'll deal. I'm just tagging hundreds of notes right now that I've scanned in. I was putting it off for Evernote to roll out some new stuff.
  6. Ok new problem... If I just move the sources as subcategory under the tag Sources, then if I need to be reminded of what sources I've already made tags... I have to have Source in the sub-cat tag as well. Why can't it just search as I'm typing and throw up a list so I can pick from. @PinkElephant here is a screenshot video Does that make sense? Evernote tag issue.mp4
  7. Thanks for the responses. I figured it out. I needed to make Ancestry a sub-category of Sources. So now when adding a tag, if I start typing Ancestry it will so up. I guess it has to do with the tag hierarchy structure. Which makes total sense. I was slow coming to the tags game for organizing my stuff. But I know a lot of people use them. I think it is interesting that there isn't a lot of info on the internet or videos on YouTube from Evernote or from other sources about tags and the new tag structure. I spend the majority of last night trying to figure this out and only was finally successful because one of my tags just happened to have a few sub-categories and a little arrow that dropdown. When you google "tag subcategories Evernote" the only things that show up is super old discussion.evernote threads about nesting folders from 2011 or discussion on subcategories in notebooks from 2015/2016.
  8. I have a lot of tags. Tags are the main way I organize my research in Evernote. I have a Language: Russian tag and I have a Russia tag. I used to start typing Rus and all the tags with Russia would pop up. But now only Russia shows up and not Language: Russian. Also I have a lot of tags that start with Source: [name of source] and when I want to tag a source I don't think about typing Source: to get them all to pop up because I'm thinking about the source not that it is a source. If I start typing Ancestry nothing shows up but if I type Source: Ancestry it appears. This is really not efficient! Is the colon the problem or is this just one more thing that isn't available right now and might be available later. I'm using the Mac Desktop app.
  9. I'm going to use this solution but what a pain in the butt!!! One more thing I have to remember/think about. Evernote is supposed to be my brain and my memory! Please bring this feature back! Like so many I use all the time!!!
  10. I guess so. I use the iPhone app a lot - especially when I’m cooking and using a recipe I saved. Or when I’m shopping online or researching something to buy. I flip back and forth between Evernote and Safari. When Evernote takes me back to the search screen, it Is just annoying. Also when I’m annotating a article for a research project, if I stay in the annotation function the whole time it’s fine. But if I save my annotations, it takes me back to the top or to the note page and I have to reopen the PDF. A lot of times when I’m reading an article for research I go to Safari to look up a source or Clip something related to the article. I just do so much of this usual desktop work on my mobile devices now.
  11. I admit I have not read every single response to this issue. So I apologize if this is already been stated. The problem that I have in addition to the original problem is that when I’m in a note especially a note that has a PDF attachment... When I switch from Evernote to Safari to look something up (example of a book that I might be interested in from the footnote in the PDF article)... The note doesn’t just jump to the top it completely closes and I have to research for it. This is extremely frustrating. And I agree with everybody else why hasn’t this been fixed.
  12. Please don't make tags alphabetize by upper case and lower case. Some of my tags are start with upper case letters because they are proper nouns and other tags start with lower case letters. In the current version, tags are alphabetized no matter the case. In the beta version upper case tags are alphabetized followed by lower case tags.
  13. I would like to be able to link an outside document (specifically iCloud document) to text within a note. Is this possible? I'm a Mac user and have a lot of research storage on the iCloud but need to be able to link it to my notes within Evernote. Thanks in advance for your help! h.
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