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  1. Hi there DTLow, Thank you very much for the pointer to the blog article - very interesting indeed. I also like the look of 'PDF OCR X' but was actually looking to see if there was any way of accessing text within images without having to leave Evernote. Tell me, when you say "I have an external OCR app" does this mean that you own 'PDF OCR X' or that you have a copy of it which you use? I also use an external OCR app called "FreeOCR" (see this page http://www.paperfile.net/index.html) which (as the name implies) is free - however, if 'PDF OCR X' has advantages over it, then I would
  2. Hi there "gazumped" - thank you very much for taking the time to make that reply - useful to know - it was about what I had expected - but not for what I was hoping (but that's definitely not your fault) - thanks again. John
  3. Hello, I am using the Evernote Windows client and I have some questions concerning attachments to notes: Attachments to a note can appear either 'inline' or as an 'attached file icon' - I can't find how to control which one Evernote will initially choose as the note is first captured or the attachment is subsequently attached - can anyone tell me how to do that (regardless of what type of file the attachment it is - PDF, MS Word document, etc.)? Once a note has an attachment, in only some cases (but not always), I can swap between viewing it 'inline' or as an 'attached file icon' b
  4. Ah, but the 'synchronise on exit' now appears not to be working - anybody know what I'm doing wrong?
  5. This 'problem' (or maybe it was a bug ?) now appears to be cured - and, as a consequence, Evernote is much better as a result. I can now look back over my notes and see which ones I've modified since I last opened Evernote (they are the ones with the 'yet to be synchronised' flag [blue triangle with upward pointing arrow] in their top right). This is an excellent result/unintended benefit - thank you. ? Limehouse
  6. Hello, I'm quite new to Evernote - in fact, I'm still evaluating it to be sure I should commit to it - but I'm becoming more certain that I shall as time passes. One small thing that I've noticed though is that the option to set the synchronisation frequency as a parameter seems to be ignored; does anybody else have this issue? Just to be clear, I have two instances of Evernote: one on my Windows based laptop and one on my Android smartphone, that I never use simultaneously - if I'm logged in on one, I'm deliberately logged out of the other. On the laptop, I have set the synchr
  7. Hi @rezecib , thank you for your (for a second time in this thread) very cogent explanation and also @jefito for your insightful comments and pertinent video - I'm afraid that I'm one of those "vanishingly small" group of nerds mentioned in the video who actually likes Regex . Whilst I agree with @rezecib's argument that "it's pretty easy to unintentionally write regex with exponentially scaling runtime with the size of the document", and especially so where, with Google, the set of objects to be searched would be "the whole of the WWW" (and thus I fully understand that they will never im
  8. Hi @DTLow, Thank you for that but (as @rezecib said above), the problem isn't in the search algorithm (which works), it is in the separate highlighting algorithm - and the bug is such that neither your nor @rezeczib's workaround solutions work I'm afraid (but would work if the bug didn't exist) - but, then again, if the bug didn't exist then this post wouldn't have been made either :-). However, it's really not a problem because, having received @rezecib's explanation, I now understand the limitations and should therefore always be able to find some way around it until such time as the bug i
  9. @rezecib thank you for your answer; it is reassuring on a number of levels: (a) that it is a 'bug' and not something that I'm doing wrong; (b) that somebody from Evernote is monitoring the messages in this forum (not something that every software publisher does), and; (c) that the answer came so quickly. In fact, I should like to thank everybody who contributed - coming onto this forum has been a pleasant experience. Presumably (given that you are an Evernote employee), I won't need to report this issue elsewhere and that it will be fixed someday (but recognising that it is not somethi
  10. Hi CalS, Thank you for persisting with this. Mine still doesn't work; any idea on what I might be doing wrong?
  11. Thanks for that - what you say explains why it finds the two extra notes (which is a good thing and I would always want it to keep doing that); however, if "do'" is the same as "do" why doesn't it highlight "do'" (with the eye-catching orange frame) in the same way as it highlights "do"? Do you think that this is a bug maybe?
  12. Hello, I'm brand new to Evernote (and I'm just trying it out at the moment to see if I should commit to it) so should I be posting this question in the wrong place, or in the wrong way, or breaking any other 'conventions', please accept my apologies and tell me how I should be doing it please - thank you. I like the way that search works within Evernote but I seem to have found a small anomaly and was wondering if anybody can tell me how to overcome it. Having entered quite a few (50+) notes I searched for the phrase "to do list" [keying it into the search box exactly as that - i.e.
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