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  1. RESOLVED! After removing some old programs I no longer needed, doing a malware scan, and some other cleanup, I concluded some sort of database corruption might be the cause. I deleted ALL .exb files and let the client rebuild them. Copy-n-paste now works, and so does drag-n-drop. Thanks Cal and Dave for your suggestions.
  2. CalS, ... the machines are certainly different. One is a 6-core home-built desktop. The other is a 4-core store-bought laptop (LG Gram). Lots of other differences too. I'm sure there must be some other gremlin software on the desktop/failing machine. Just haven't gone through the tedium of finding it yet. BTW, your earlier suggestion of drag-n-drop from the desktop works great on the laptop, and on an browser client, but not on the failing machine. Time for me to do some detective work... Thanks for your thoughts.
  3. OK. This is getting crazy. Two computers at the same levels of Evernote and Windows. One works, the other fails. I can paste an image into Evernote on the laptop and see it OK. Sync to the cloud. Go to the other computer and sync. Everything is OK. Doing the reverse, pasting on the failing computer leaves the missing image blob ... but the note list shows a correct thumbnail of the image. (see attached) Then, after a sync cycle the missing image blob disappears. Syncing that note to the working computer does not bring along the image. Lots of head scratching... Any additional suggestions appreciated.
  4. Thanks Dave-in-Decatur. Unfortunately, none of those ideas worked. Not even removing Evernote, rebooting, and reinstalling Evernote helped. So, I've tried on a laptop that's also and Windows 10. It works great. Lemee see now... The system that works is at Win10, 1909, and the system that is failin is still at 1903. I was wrong above. Time to go update and see what happens. Thanks again for your suggestions!
  5. This used to work. I've used it thousands of times during my many years off daily Evernote use, but it has started failing recently. I can no longer paste an image from the clipboard into an Evernote note on the Windows version. {As an aside, I capture images to the clipboard via various image capture tools.} Immediately after pasting, the universal missing image blob appears, not the intended image. If I attempt to open that blob (right-click, open), the intended image opens in my chosen image editor. After closing the note and returning to it, the image is nowhere to be found. The Evernote version is: (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954),running on Windows 10, version 1909. THANKS for any suggestions!
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