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  1. I wrote about this 9 months ago. I'm trying again. The current checkbox is a pretty frail item. It does nothing but toggle on or off. As a list organizing tool, it's just about at the Commodore 64 level (look it up, young'uns!). I've seen other comments on this, and it can't be all that difficult: Offer the option to gray out and strike through words or phrases that follow the checkbox when it is "checked." Offer the option to resort the list, placing checked checkboxes to the bottom of the list. Why, oh why, doesn't this seem obvious to you? Do we need to
  2. Well, with 13 pages of ideas, I have no idea if this will be attended to. But, my request is simple. You offer a checkbox function. I do simple To Do lists. Why don't you allow the ability to automatically "strikethrough" copy that follows a checkbox? Beats me. Steve BRock
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