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  1. Thanks, I'll see if blocking it at the firewall helps in the short term.
  2. It does! Just to clarify, it can work offline fine (no network connection), though Evernote gets confused if it has a network connection (plugged into a LAN) though that network can't reach the Internet. As a result, when I try to search Evernote or load notes it takes a number of seconds to do so. Having an explicit offline to force Evernote into offline mode should resolve that.
  3. While Evernote works great when using the Windows client and an Internet connection, when my laptop is connected to a network WITHOUT an Internet connection there are delays of 10-15 seconds when attempting to load notes before it eventually times out. It would be useful to explicitly set it to offline mode to prevent these timeouts. Looking at the current offering this isn't possible.
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