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  1. Hi There! I finally did figure out that the Scanner was assigning the titles... showing how less-than-up-to-speed my tech skills are! Thank you very much for your reply! In the future, if I do have issues, how do I get immediate tech support from Evernote? I am a paid subscriber, at I believe it's called the Premium level. Thanks very much!!! Mary
  2. Hi there! I have a Premium subscription and am so new, I'm like a one day old baby ... cannot for the life of me, find a way back to Note Settings or Notebook Settings. (Settings just always puts me back to my Profile Settings... but I need "set up settings." I had played around as a newbie and started out with 6 digit numbers as part of titles... it is not working out... now I can't find "a way back into note or notebook settings" to stop the auto titles. I prefer now to title on each scan, in my own system. Please try to help me! I want to power through a lot this weekend! Also, I clicked on Notify me of replies... how will I be notified? In my gmail inbox? Or do I have to check back periodically on my account? I have no idea how to access my Evernote email in case replies go there. Ciao! Thank you! Mary
  3. Hello! I am a newbie to Evernote... really excited about what I'm learning, as I'm scanning a huge amount of files on a genealogy project. But, for the life of me, I can't get back to a setting page, where I tried using 6 digit numbers for titling my notes... for some reason, old titles are being assigned to new notes. I have clicked everywhere... don't know how I even got this set up. Definitely want to stop it! Many thanks! Mary
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