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  1. As of Evernote 10.2.4 and almost 2021 this is still broken. Pressing TAB inserts four spaces instead of the TAB character. WHY EVERNOTE? WHY, WHY, WHY? It's been 6 (SIX!) years since this was first reported. This is basic text formatting. Even TextEdit.app or notepad.exe can do this, why can't you? What is even more mind boggling is that if you press TAB at the beginning of a line it works perfectly fine but if you do it let's say after typing a word or a character it inserts four whitespaces. This is so confusing. I ended my premium subscription with Evernote because of the focus on
  2. I am a paying customer of Evernote and I cannot understand how such a basic text formatting feature as tab stops is not supported. The funny thing though is that they actually are. If I copy a tab character from Mac OS textedit and paste it into Evernote for Mac, it words just like it should be but for some reason pressing the tab key inserts four spaces instead. WHY???
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