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  1. This is the WORST VERSION of Evernote I’ve seen, by a long shot. It’s plain and simply unusable for creation and for most of my consumption. Bugs get me crazy and it doesn’t open most of my files, from epubs to large pdfs. THERE ARE TOO MANY BUGS TO FIX. MANAGEMENT JUST DIDN’T REALIZE IT. IT WILL TAKE MONTHS TO STABILIZE AND MY WORK DEPENDS ON RELIABILITY. PLEASE REPOST PREVIOUS VERSION.
  2. I must be in top 100 Evernote fans. I built my digital life around this product, the most reliable piece of software I’ve used. So yeah. This iOS version is a disgrace. It tells me management doesn’t use Evernote, in the sense they don’t rely on it. They don’t know what it is. They believed a better editor and search auto completion were all what users expected. And so they proudly pushed the update button. If management was relying on Evernote, there is 0% chance they would have greenlighted this bugged beta version. 0%. Because this update makes Evernote on iOS unusable. It takes one hour to realize it. The fact management didn’t feel ashamed to release this bugged mess, sadly makes me understand they have no real idea what Evernote is, and who their core customers are 😕 Don’t get me wrong, I see good things in that version. At one point it could be better than what we had. But not in that state. Not now.
  3. Change date on web and iOS is a MUST HAVE feature. Pleaaaase implement it
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