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  1. Hi I can't get either the HYPERLINK option in Excel nor the Windows 'Run' option to work. HYPERLINK just opens an MS browser window and automatically shuts it. Windows Run command just says 'Application not found' Any ideas? Regards Keith
  2. Hi, I use Evernote links (internal ie evernote:///view/.... created from Ctrl+ 'Copy Internal Link') with third party apps (Trello, Excel etc) to link the data in the third party app to relevant info in the local Windows Evernote app. This used to work seamlessly until the 'update' (I say this in the loosest of terms!!). I'm currently using the Legacy version of Evernote but these links no longer work. Also, I'm finding it difficult to locate the Evernote document based on the evernote:///view/.... url that I previously used in the third party app. 1) Is there any way to get the links working again 2) If not is there any easy way to find the Evernote note in the Windows App from the previous internal link url. (ie not using text based search and/or tags) This is causing me real issues and a lot of wasted time so any help would be appreciated Regards Keith
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