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  1. Yes, the dreaded blue box. I thought it had to do with "Spaces" or some other new feature. I had it too. I have the 'extreme' version of the bug like Seattlitte. I've taken to emailing my notes in, or if I have something on my clipboard, if I create a new note I can perform a cntrl-V and put the contents of my clipboard into a new note. If I then don't do anything else, I can type right after the paste but all the characters are smashed together and entering a space is not possible. I can edit any and all Titles. Along with the blue box in the previous version, I had the intermittent loooong wait between characters as I typed, and when I tried to bring up notes - in the reading pane or in a separate window - I'd have to go off and do other chores whilst I waited for the note's content to render because it took so long. Both the intermittent, bursty typing and the long wait for a note's content to render are both gone, but were actually better than not being able to type in notes at all. Just providing as much info as possible to help tech support. I'm off today so perhaps by Monday the team will have a fix so I won't have to revert.
  2. client: Win 8.1 EN version: (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) I am dead in the water since I updated yesterday. I can create the note title only, and like other posters in this thread, after creating a new note (in new window is the setting), my cursor focus is in the title bar. No trouble creating the title, the default font is "Tahoma 10pt". Then when I click into the body of the note the font switches automatically to "-apple-system 10pt" and there is nothing I can do to type into the note...at all. Nothing. Useless. Same behavior on existing note. Soon as I click into the note body, the font switches and it's over...I can do nothing in the note at all. My entire Evernote instance is useless while the mac users in our office (same Evernote Biz account (yes PAYING account)) continue merrily along their way. The default font in Tools>>Options>>Note is Tahoma 10 pt. Screenshot is not useful - just a blank note with a title. Are we testing on Windows over there? This has to be fixed immediately.
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