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  1. I have finally got to grips with Evernote and am using it daily and very successfully. I'm using Evernote Clipper with Outlook 2016. This works well but I have found it slightly irritating in one way, which leads me to a suggestion: When an email, say, is "clipped" from Outlook into Evernote a copy is created of course, leaving the original in Outlook. Would it be possible to add a function whereby the original email, still in Outlook, is marked by a symbol of some sort to indicate that it has been clipped? I find I am constantly wondering if I have forgotten to clip an important item
  2. OS: Windows 10. MS Office 365 I always open Outlook 365 straight after booting. This also alunches Evernot Clipper. I have noticed that I can never open the main Evernote program after doing that. However if I close Outlook I can open the main Evernote program without any problem. If I open Outlook after that everything seems to function as it should. Having opened the two programs in that order (Evernote main, then Outlook) I can even close Evernote main and open it again. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't think we should have to open programs in a certain order for t
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