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  1. Thank you for all your help! I think all my questions have been answered and this thread can be closed now!
  2. I'm experiencing the same problem you describe. Also, Windows fonts (handwriting scripts) do not transfer correctly to the Android version. Also when I copy and paste something in the Android, the size of my writing changes in Windows. It's very annoying and I hope Evernote does something about this. It's not a problem which would drive me to use a different notetaking app or program, but it certainly has to be dealt with!
  3. And another question has just popped up: Is there a way to view the full PDF (similar to a picture) in Evernote? As for now, I can only see the file in a note. (in Windows and on my Android phone)
  4. I have a problem: I want to prepare my lessons in Evernote and I have to submit a copy of each lesson plan via Email in a PDF-format, so that my colleague can save the file to her computer. Is this possible in Evernote - I've just started using it on my Surface Pro 4 (I switched from OneNote to Evernote, because I like the options for structuring your notebooks better). Summarized: 1) Is there any possibility I can export Evernote notes as PDF files on my Surface Pro 4 and then send them via e-mail? 2) Do you know if this would also work on my Android phone?
  5. I have exactly the same problem with my screenshots or pictures. You can resize them later (hoover over the bottom right corner), but this is not possible on my Android phone or via touch in Evernote for Windows. The team should definitely work on that.
  6. I'm using the handwriting function with my Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pen and it is great! Okay, there is only a yellow ruled background, but you can (!) enlarge the writing space. You can do so by simply scribbling at the end of the page and the scrollbar will move upwards so you can scroll down further! This is great for using it as a digital bullet journal and note-taking system! But of course, Evernote should keep evolving the handwriting functionalities!
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