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  1. Is the home thing a beta test that got leaked?? I'm no UX/UI designer but EN seems to devolve more than evolve. "Recently Captured" is redundant since opening EN (prior to the useless Home install) already lists notes in recent ordering. "Scratch Pad" widget is half the layout footprint of "Customize your Home" section. Why wouldn't you design that into the menu or preferences, rather than forcing the user to look at it every time the Home screen appears?? Please grant us very longtime paying users the option till delete this useless hack. And do better beta testing.
  2. The only difference that edit lock does is instead of tapping once to get into edit, you need to doubletap. So I don't see why there's even a need for the edit button at all though, locked or not.
  3. I am baffled by this too. Like what is the point of the "Edit" button when you can touch the note and it goes into edit mode?? This is such an obvious oversight that I'm wondering if this is some kind of trick.
  4. Well there's some hope yet, as Notion seems to be competing for Evernote users. They're also half the price of EN, though I wouldn't mind the EN price if only their product isn't losing functionality in the first place. Their current version is not up to par for my workflow yet but you might want to check them out in case it meets your needs.
  5. The closest this comes to is possibly Notion, but even with it's impressive versatility (SQL! full customization!), it still comes up short on the doc management of webclippings if you do a lot of research docs. Which the OLD Evernote was capable of. Like sending emails directly into notes from other sources (I use EN to manage the numerous sites I subscribe to). However, Notion appears to be expanding their development quickly so it's definitely something to watch. Until then, I'll settle for the legacy Evernote that runs on one computer that I'll be sure to never upgrade.
  6. There are SO many mindboggling UI/UX issues I have with the remake that it almost doesn't matter whether I'm talking about iOS or desktop version as some functions got removed altogether. I'm sure the team has worked hard to change things but this feels like the right answer to the wrong question.
  7. Just came here to commiserate since this site says I’m not allowed add anymore reactions today. 🤬 I can’t even rollback on iOS. I’m a power user for almost 10 years and have put up with a flawed product...to an even more flawed remake. Deflating, to say the least.
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