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  1. Mexced

    Login Button on the home page

  2. Mexced

    Login Button on the home page

    Evernote could you please fix your Dutch homepage! Why is the login button all the way down 17 pages in Chrome on the Dutch site. In Edge it is on the first page, at the top.
  3. It is still not fixed weeks later!!! As a IT Specialist i will not advice Evernote ever to my customers anymore. Evernote what are you doing? This is very bad customer service!!!
  4. I use Evernote Webclipper a lot. There was nothing WRONG with the older version! I can't clip images anymore. I'am a paying member for a long time now. Software should make life easier not more difficult!!! Please do a proper test before updating the software. Please bring back the version before the update!