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  1. Hey all,

    Since apparently a bug in the software isn't worthy of supports time because I don't pay, I have to come here. (lazy, tbh. Bugs should be supported at all times.)

    I have a few different template notes I've been using for emails for the last few months. It makes it easier to work outside of Gmail, and then copy in. However, over the last few weeks I've noticed issues cropping up, and they come back without warning, even after I've tried to remove them. Here are my issues.

    • When pressing enter to create a new bullet, sometimes my 12pt Verdana (any font really) becomes a 14pt font that is purely labeled as 'Font' when you look at the description ribbon.
      • To change this font, I cannot select the whole document and format. I have to select ONLY the offending lines and change each line manually.
        • This issue will sometimes recreate itself.
    • When I enter a new bullet off a main bullet, it sometimes injects '4' spaces after the start of the bullet, requiring me to hit backspace 4 times.


    These issues are ludicrous for a text editor, and if I try to create new notes, and copy over, it brings over the broken portion of my note, and the fun just starts again. 

    Any ideas of what's happening here, so that I might be able to not ask other people "Do you use a note program that doesn't break like Evernote does?" I literally just need a text editor that has cloud saves. It can be any editor, I just kept using Evernote after I received my original account via a physical notebooklet I was given.

    Thanks again!

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