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  1. John This is some good clarifying info about the behavior. I've been using 'Paste and Match Style' (Ctrl + Shift + V). Apparently it's somewhat different than 'Paste as Plain Text.' I tried the Notepad method and it works. It adds another step to the workflow so won't be the solution I'm looking for. I will investigate tweaking the clipboard on the Windows side. Cheers
  2. All I'm dealing with is straight text, copy and pasted from Windows. In this particular case from a Gmail tab. I have no knowledge of special clipper tools. I will investigate but am skeptical. The simpler the workflow the better.
  3. Each time I paste text content into Evernote on Windows, a web link appears magically in the top right corner. See example that links to 'mail.google.com'. I spend excessive time and labor deleting these unwanted links from my hundreds of notes. How do I make these go away once and for all? I've already tried Evernote Support and they have no idea what I'm talking about. Thank you.
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