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  1. Thanks everybody for your assistance. I had looked over the search syntax table before and I found it rather hard to follow - it would help if there were a few more examples for each entry, especially how the syntax works when there are more constraints on the search than just the first level of filter. In my example above, for example, the syntax table gets me as far as stack:Topics for Botany Book" but doesn't tell me how to add the second level of filter that you have shown me in your (DTLow) answer - nothing in the Table would tell me to leave a space after "Topics for Botany Book" then write in tag:"Journals" followed by "some text" - there is no reference in the table at all to "some text". I did follow the suggestion at the end of the Table to click the link to the "Search Grammar" section, which was helpful. With assistance from all off you, I finally got to what I am trying to do. Then ... I think that maybe my question has been addressed in the latest update. I find now that when I search for a term in the Search Box, the first step is a Search across all Notebooks, but then (and I could not do this before) in the Results Box, there is now a Dropdown Menu that allows me to filter by Notebook. Exactly what I was struggling to do! Thanks everybody at Evernote for adding this feature, and thanks to those of you who helped me with your suggestions.
  2. Thanks for posting a reply. But I tried your suggestion and still get nothing. Maybe I have misunderstood your suggestion. Are you saying I should enter into the Search box: first the name of the stack:then the tag (or any other word that should be in one or more notes in that stack) eg I am working on a book about translations of books about botany. I have a stack called "Topics for Botany Book" I have a tag for 'Journals' (where translations might have been published) So if I want to look through the "Topics for Botany Book" stack for notes that refer to journals, if I understand correctly, I should enter: Topics for Botany Book:journals But when I do this, I get nothing. Maybe I have misunderstood what you are suggesting? I would appreciate it if you could let me know ...
  3. I have searched for days now and failed to find anything that tells me how to limit a search to the notebooks in one stack. When I use the Search box, it does not give 'Stack' as an option. Is there a Search syntax that allows me to restrict the search? I have not found it if it is there. Please help!!
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