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  1. No language can describe my utter disappointment with a company SO F'ING POORLY RUN that they would put out software like this. ALL C-level officers should immediately resign. You are obviously incompetent. This is a disaster of your own making. PUT UP somewhere official where we can download and install the F*ING WORKING VERSION OF THIS SOFTWARE, YOU JACKASSES!
  2. Running (307587) Prerelease (CE Build ce-48.0.5483). Yes, I understand it's pre-release. Two key issues. No longer can drag pdf from outlook email OR EVEN THE FILE MANAGER WINDOW into a note. I get the little red circle with a line through it. That is a huge loss of functionality. I haven't tried it with other types of attachments, but assuming it won't work. ALSO, If I create note content that looks like this (with a line between the entries): MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY and then move away from that note and back to it, now the line fe
  3. Same exact complaints. I use Evernote in snippit view and it can take up to 5-seconds for a note to load after I click the snippit. You guys have really done a poor job of quality control on your code. This is an OBVIOUS DEFECT that should have been found and fixed during your QA testing.
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