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  1. Running (307587) Prerelease (CE Build ce-48.0.5483). Yes, I understand it's pre-release. Two key issues. No longer can drag pdf from outlook email OR EVEN THE FILE MANAGER WINDOW into a note. I get the little red circle with a line through it. That is a huge loss of functionality. I haven't tried it with other types of attachments, but assuming it won't work. ALSO, If I create note content that looks like this (with a line between the entries): MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY and then move away from that note and back to it, now the line feeds are gone: MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY The only way to workaround it is to add a space or other characters in the blank line. I am really disappointed in the quality control of your code. Every time you introduce a new version (pre-release or not) there are new obvious bugs. Aren't you using some test plans that regress through all prior bugs to make sure they haven't cropped back up?
  2. Same exact complaints. I use Evernote in snippit view and it can take up to 5-seconds for a note to load after I click the snippit. You guys have really done a poor job of quality control on your code. This is an OBVIOUS DEFECT that should have been found and fixed during your QA testing.
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