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  1. I didn't find my lost note even from the browser. I selected a note to share not a part of a note. I think "selection" means a selection (i.e. one or more) of notes. My notes are still lost. I think it is a bug. I repeated the scenario several times and the note is lost every time.
  2. Hello everybody, I encountered this weird problem twice. Here is the scenario in case that someone wants to regenerate the problem. Created a note with some text and photos. Saved the note. Selected the note, opened the menu and selected share. Got a message telling me that I don't have a permission to share the note (see the image) Tried to open the note but got the message in the second image. After reopening Evernote, the note completely disappeared! How can I recover it? This seems a bug in Evernote. I found that trying to share a note by pressi
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