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  1. The other thread had an unsatisfactory answer and redirected me here. I just went into Android's app manager and rescinded permission to access my phone's camera. So far, so good, but sometimes evernote's attempts to upload my photos was delayed, so we shall see whether it actually worked. I love evernote, but if I cannot eliminate this intrusive feature, it might be time to look elsewhere for a similar service. I was not satisfied with the suggestion to uncheck the "collect documents" notification, because rather than ensuring evernote would stay out of my photos, it only ensured I wouldn't be told about it. That's worse IMO. After all that Facebook is going through regarding privacy, it boggles my mind that the developers at evernote have so little concern for it. If I want evernote to have a photo, I'm intelligent enough to upload it all by myself.
  2. Does that only kill notifications? Or does it stop evernote from saving photos. It looks to me like they added this to the android app without adding a setting to prevent it from saving photos. In support, there's a way to turn it off but it only works on the iPhone. "By default, Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch saves copies of photos you take to your device's Camera Roll. To turn this feature off, go to the 'Account' tab, select Settings > Camera, then disable "Save Snapshots"." Unfortunate there's no "save snapshots" setting in my android app.
  3. Same issue. Very annoying. Support has this answer which is irrelevant to android. The "save snapshots" setting is non existent in the android app. "By default, Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch saves copies of photos you take to your device's Camera Roll. To turn this feature off, go to the 'Account' tab, select Settings > Camera, then disable "Save Snapshots"."
  4. Thanks, I found this thread by Googling it. Unfortunately, Google didn't direct me to the part of the forums for reporting tech problems. Not EN's fault.
  5. Extra space for one. That's pretty much the only extra I need at this point. As I add more and more to EN, I am beginning to use up my storage. I don't need any premium features, but would be willing to pay something for extra storage. Just like Google offers with drive. One other feature I'd considered was a receipts manager. I know an app/extension exists for that but I haven't gotten around to looking at it (just like my taxes, lol). But if it was beyond a basic solution, I'd pay extra. Evernote's greatest strength - its versatility - is also its greatest challenge, because there are so many users with very different needs. You have individuals using it for things like research, dissertations, small businesses, giant corporations, project management teams, etc. That's why I suggested a la carte, or at least different types of bundles for different populations. I just don't think there's going to be a one-size-fits-all solution that makes everyone happy.
  6. Hi, I copied part of a web page to a note. I then was editing out the irrelevant parts of the webpage to consolidate it with other text (which is why I didn't use web clipper). I am in Chrome OS. The buttons copied over from the web page are images that are anchored in place and float over whatever text you put there. When I look at the source code, they are inside a div. Since we cannot edit the html (or whatever your code is), I am unable to delete the images. Using delete/backspace doesn't work and there's not a way to do it by right-clicking. I am unable to remove formatting from the copied text. So I have large spaces between paragraphs due to padding I cannot remove. Again, if I could edit code directly, I could fix this. Or if the formatting editor included more functions, I could possibly fix it. The only workaround would be to copy text to Notepad and then back to evernote, but since I am on a chromebook, this is not possible as far as I know. I did try copying over to Google Docs, then clearing formatting, line spacing. I can see it working in Docs, but when I copy back over to evernote, it still retains padding between paragraphs. If anyone has other suggestions, I'd appreciate them. Thanks.
  7. Perhaps you should offer certain features on an a la carte basis (like Trello does) rather than a bundled subscription. Most of the complaints I see here about Premium are that it contains only one or two features they need.
  8. I've thought about buying paid evernote, but if they have zero interest in allowing users to submit bugs, then I might not. Might be time to look at alternatives.
  9. Hi, I'm using Evernote in Chrome (on my chromebook). I know how to delete a tag altogether. What I can't figure out is how to delete a tag from a note. I searched google and the forums to no avail. I tried clicking on the tag and hitting delete, but it does nothing. Right clicking also doesn't help. thanks
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