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  1. I just want to bring up something I had mentioned earlier, which may be useful to some... Evernote is a great tool for general note taking. But when it comes to code blocks, and given all of the trouble we're having with Evernote's implementation of it, I have recently started using https://boostnote.io/ for those notes that are heavy on code snippets. Apologies if it's a bit awkward to promote an alternative product in this forum, but I don't see it as a direct competitor. It's just better for the niche use-case of developer oriented notes.
  2. For code-heavy notes, I found that https://boostnote.io/ may be an interesting option... Too bad Evernote is not taking care of this in a timely fashion.
  3. Please fix this ASAP. I make heavy use of code blocks in my notes, and without a clear ETA on when it's coming back I am forced to look for alternatives. I am on Linux so I don't have an option to use a standalone client.
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