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  1. Sorry for a late response, @PinkElephantI was working on it on web client. The premium worked! I was able to get the note back. Thanks guys!
  2. So today i was looking at one of my notes, i don't think i was editing it, closed it down at that was it. An hour ago i went back to check it again and it was gone, only the title remains and the whole note is blank. At first i didn't panic I thought it was some display bug, but after waiting on it for a while and then refreshing the note was still blank. I checked the trash and it was not there, went to windows app hoping it has something left in there with no luck. If this was some random note i wouldn't bother writing or anything but this one is kinda big, worked on it for ~2 years. Is there a way to recover it, i really hope there is some cache of the note left on the servers. Thanks.
  3. Just found out it works in firefox, it looks like latest chrome update broke it
  4. Yes same problem here on chrome and windows application. I was searching to resolve this problem i thought it might be on my end and this is the only post that came out. I think its some kind of bug that appeared on recent update that also removed code block option from web client but i might be wrong, maybe they removed that neat feature.
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