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  1. I strongly suspect there are many, many, more none-technical people who could use this feature, but either don't know the correct technical jargon required to find the forum post, or simply don't realize it's a feature they could ask for. Most of my technically... let's say "inexperienced", older coworkers and many other professionals I know don't even realize that poor search performance is a design decision rather than just evernote "not working that way". That said, my workaround has always been to make notes with multiple identifying words at the top (not tags, just like a brie
  2. Guess I'll have to un-share my daily logbook so I don't have to deal with this ~25 times a day for the few months until they fix it. I move notes around a *LOT*
  3. Turns out I just need to read my email. They moved it. See the picture below!
  4. ***Solved*** A couple weeks back the reminder icon from my windows client simply disappeared. No, it's not listed under Tools > Customize Toolbar. It used to be there, now it's not. Yes, I did do a complete uninstall and reinstall of the windows client recently, same issue. I've been using the webapp to set reminders in the mean time, however it would be nice to have this functionality again in the windows client.
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