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  1. Thank you for the link. One thing the article didn't mention: if I just open a new Folder does it default to Local or not Local? Unfortunately, this is the only account I have with Evernote. I even checked all of my other email addresses, but there were no bites.
  2. Local Notebooks... do you mean the difference between Private and Shared? That's the option it gives me when I try and make a new one? Anyway, I checked the Master copy online and a huge number of notes are still missing, even in the folders that show up. For example, one folder which had several hundred, has inexplicably reduced itself to one note. A note made in 2015.
  3. Just switched over from an old 2012 MacBook Pro to a 2017 MacBook Pro. When I downloaded Evernote, it came up with only a third of my notes and had deleted whole folders. I tried to troubleshoot though this site, and dug through the Trash folder, but none of my lost notes were there. It's like the backup was from a year ago and it just didn't save anything I've done recently. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get my stuff back?
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