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  1. I also think this is really annoying. I cannot work with EN fluently anymore. As someone said before - I am also an EN user with premium for many years. But today I subscribed to the forums because the work with the actual PDF viewer is horrible. My subscription is very fresh and runs until 02-2019. Today I downgraded to Evernote 6.7.5 because of this PDF issue and because the win app becomes slower and slower. If I click through the notes it's always a click - wait some seconds, next click - wait some seconds... If this will not be solved in short time I think I will leave
  2. Hello, when will this be fixed??? It's really annoying and I cannot believe this is impossible to solve within this long time!
  3. Hello, I also hate the new PDF system in evernote. Please give us back the old one!!! My workflow is strong with PDF Files and with the new viewer it is very time consuming to do work which a short time ago was done with one click.
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