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  1. I have been an Evernote user for many years and I will continue to be an Evernote user. But the fact that Evernote doesn't support multiple email accounts is still mind blowing to me. If you are a consultant and have 3 email addresses for work and a personal email address, this is not an uncommon use-case just as having 2 email addresses (one for work and one for home) is a common use-case. I would like to be able to have EN preview GSuite links that are from any of my email addresses as opposed to just my primary email address. I find it fascinating that a long thread with so many coherent and relevant use-cases (along with some incoherent and irrelevant responses) has garnered so little support from Evernote. I'm sure there are plenty of folks at EN who have personal and professional email addresses that they use. I am also aware that EN has many very experienced product people. So I'm genuinely curious to know what the push back is for not creating this feature to allow many email addresses for a single user to interact with a single EN account.
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