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  1. There are other notes in the trash. Just not this one. I have iCloud backing up my files. I do see the note in the purgatory folder. Its an older version of the note but better than nothing. Thanks DTLow. How did you know it would be there? Any other ideas to find a more recent version?
  2. When opened the evernote app today, a note I have been working on for a week or so had disappeared. Checked the trash not there. Checked the web app not there, phone, mac - checked everywhere. Then I look at my activity log and see the below activity. [ENCoreDataLocalStore expunge Objects:] | Deleting local object (followed by a bunch of random identifiers including the note name) I did not delete the note, but per the above it seems that it was deleted somehow. Is there a way to recover this note? If don't think upgrading to premium will do me any good since there is no note to click on and view history. Put in a ticket but no response yet.
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