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  1. Unfortunately, It did not work for me. My solution for now is: the notes I change in the Chrome/Firefox Web App, I do not change in the Desktop/Mobile/Safari Web App, and vice versa. Some notes I duplicate to be able to change in both. It's not a solution, it's a workaround, but for now it was the best I could think of
  2. Hi guys, I opened an support ticket to them and they answered me. The answer was that they know that the problem is ocurring with Chrome and Firefox, and the development team are working to solve it, but they said that don't know how long it will take to solve. The only options now are use the Safari browser or Evernote apps. So, basically there is no fix, we have to wait
  3. Hi gazumped, Definitely find the cause of an issue is the hard part, that's why I tried to show my experience and see if that helps the team. I saw the topics you posted and in one of them you posted a link to support ticket, since I'm a subscriber, I'm going to open a ticket there and see what happens. Hi Matthew123, I'm a multiplataform user too and use Evernote as a task list, so this problem is causing me nightmares too. Thank you guys.
  4. Hi, I'm having the exactly same problem, it's not a connection issue, it's a browser issue. That happens in Google Chrome and for what I look around seems that Google update Chrome and broke some parts of the Web Client, then Evernote team go back in time and revert the Web Client to an old version, because those bugs were already been solved in the past. I'm not from Evernote team and I deduced that for what I read. It's been a week this is happening. I tried in Firefox and that happens too, the only Web Client that I found that still works fine is Safari. An alternative is use the desktop client and apps, but if you change something in the note from the Web Client and save, the note will be broken again. It would be interesting if the Evernote team could confirm or not what I said and give us a deadline for the fix, because this problem really leaves the product totally broken. Long time user
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