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  1. FYI, to all of you software developers struggling with managing code snippets in Evernote, I just download an application called Quiver (Mac OS X), imported all of my Evernote Notebooks/Notes and have it saving everything to iCloud/DropBox. Copy/Paste right from an IDE works perfectly, preserves indentation and syntax highlighting. Also, there is a feature where a note can be converted to a Code Cell, which looks and acts like a code editor. Thus far, this application seems like the perfect solution for managing code snippets. If you've been struggling with Code Snippets in Evernote, c
  2. Not any more. It was working for me on the web ( past several months) but at some point in the past couple of weeks, whenever I copy and paste a block of Javascript code from Visual Studio Code IDE into Evernote Web, it loses all formatting (background color/syntax highlighting) and I must individually indent every line of code in the block. Something changed for worse.
  3. I have been using Evernote to document some software development courses and for some time have been able to copy Javascript code directly from Visual Studio Code into the Evernote web application (not the Mac OS X client app). For months I would copy and paste code snippets directly from Visual Studio IDE into an Evernote note, and the result would look exactly like this: At some point in the past couple of weeks, something changed on the Evernote Web App. Now all of my notes containing copy and pasted sections of code suddenly look like this: AND I
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