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  1. I'm currently using ever note to type notes down while watching video courses. I find my self quite too often pausing the videos to correct any spelling mistakes since I am typing as fast as i can to keep up with the video. there are also certain terminologies used that may come up as incorrectly spelled. I looked to see if this was a premium feature but as far as i know it isn't otherwise i would have upgraded in a heartbeat. What I would like are features that automatically corrects the misspelled words as I go base off a customized spelling dictionary as well as having the ability to switch between different types of spelling dictionary for different subject matter due to the differences of terminologies used and of course the ability to turn them on/off. Although this may be available on office suites. the whole point I am using ever note is so that I dont have to worry about having access to certain office applications and everything is easily accessible and view able through a browser or mobile app. thanks
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