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  1. Hello there, Sometimes, I have to send material to my Evernote account via email. If I don't write @ notebook in the subject line of my email, a note is created in Evernote in any notebook, apparently chosen randomly.... There is worse : apparently, Evernote choses arbitrarily a set of tags that it adds to the newly created note, without ever prompting me. Is there a specific algorith Evernote is using to assign such or such notebook or tags to any incoming mail based material ? Thanks in advance for your kind support, BTW, it has been impossible to log in to the Evernote website in order to send this request directly to the support team, as it keeps looping back to a suposedly log out page...
  2. Hello there, I am using MS Outlook Clipper to dump all the relevant content from Outlook to Evernote notes. I would like to keep a quick link from those "imported" notes to the original emails they originate from within Outlook. How can I set-up such Evernote-to- Outlook links ? Thanks in advance, P.S. : It has been a real pain in the ass to ask this question, for the support page is quite uneasy to access
  3. Hello there, I am a French newby to Evernote. The reason I have pruchased the Evernote Premium version was to implement a all-in-one GTD service using The Secret Weapon and After The book tag centric Approaches. Mostly, I wanted to take advantage of the powerful complex search features offerd by evernote. After having exchanged a few emails with the support team, it seems that the search feature does not allow for searching in multiple notebooks. For instance, the syntax notebook:"NB1" notebook:"NB2" tag:"t1" tag:"t2" returns notes contained ONLY in notebook NB1 and bearing tags t1 AND t2 What if you want to determine the exact scope of your search in terms of notebooks ? Woul'nt it be great th have the ability to use boolean operators such as AND, OR, XOR to implement more more refined searches, both in terms of notebooks and tags ? Equally, It seems that the search syntax requires the use of quotes " to work properly, although this is not well documented. Finally, is the search feature case sensitive or insensitive ? Thanks for all your comments and feedback. Phil.
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