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  1. You're right chuckkahn, the backup solution is not very good. But as DTlow mentioned, it really is just a precaution in case something goes horribly wrong. It isn't necessary for the move to the alternative version of Evernote. To create the backup, select all your notes using Cmd+A, you should see the count of selected notes displayed just above the buttons for merge, share, create table of contents, etc. On the menu choose File>Export Notes... enter the file name and location for the backup. After it starts you should see the count of saved notes progressi
  2. I was able to resolve this issue changing from the App Store version of Evernote to the version downloaded from the Evernote website. I am on Mac High Sierra 10.13.13 and my Evernote is version 7.0.3 (456341 Direct). After backing up all my notes to enex format, I removed the App Store version and installed the downloaded version On starting Evernote, I was notified that all my notes would be copied to a new location (I can't remember the exact wording). This took a few minutes to copy my 5GB in 4000 notes. Checking before and after the change I see that the original locati
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