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  1. FINALLY! 8.11.1 released yesterday fixes the problem of freezing Evernote app on iPad whenever attempting to open a note formatted with indents. Why did it take a month to fix this? Given the number of complaints on this thread, would’ve been nice if EN had at least acknowledged the bug.
  2. Same problem here. My iPad Pro (iOS 11.2.6) automatically updated to Evernote 8.10 yesterday. At first, I thought the app was totally broken. It showed thumbnails, but did not show the note content and the UI was totally unresponsive. Had to force close. Now I realize the problem happens because the latest note on the "most recent" list had indent formatting. Since EN automatically tried to open that note, the app froze, as noted above. If I go to another client (like web client or macOS) and edit a note without indent formatting, when I restart EN on my iPad everything is fine ... that
  3. My iPad Pro (iOS v. 11.2.6) automatically updated to 8.10 yesterday and now Evernote won't work at all. The bug has been reported several times above by others. The note list shows up, but can't open any of the notes. The UI is completely unresponsive. I've cycled power on the iPad several times with no luck. Very disappointed in Evernote's poor QA. UPDATE: Confirmed that the problem is as reported by others. If there is a note that contains indents, trying to open that note in 8.10 causes the iOS app to freeze. You have to force close. I had such a note at the top of my most recent note
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