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  1. Checked the note again today and it’s become possible to edit and delete. Seems like this was resolved after the last iOS update. Feel free to close the thread.
  2. I have a seemingly corrupted note ("Note unavailable" error) in the iOS version of Evernote (running iOS 14). When I move it to Trash it restores itself back to the original notebook. When I try to move it to another notebook (to delete the entire notebook or merge it with another note, as some users suggested in the past), it doesn't move either. The note doesn't exist in the desktop version of Evernote (Mac) or in the web version, it's just stuck in my iOS Evernote. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app but the corrupted note is still there. This is a really odd issue that I've never had in about 8 years of using Evernote.
  3. Any updated tips on how to properly open .obj files on a Mac? I lost some very important notes but managed to locate the quick-note-preserved.obj file and rename it to .txt, but some of the text (in Cyrillic) in the note is still encoded.
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