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  1. Did you find out if these AUTOUPDATE files CAN safely be deleted? Yes, crazy that EverNote doesn't "clean up" after itself, wasting so much space on our hard drives. Love the program and how the main features remain free though... thanks EN!
  2. I saw SHARE and collaborate being promoted, so I tried it today and spent the afternoon creating an outline in the Windows desktop app (free version). My colleague only got the first few lines all day, despite restarting the app and syncing a dozen times. I tapped her note to edit on the iPhone 10, and suddenly it synced as if HER note was complete and deleted all the content I'd worked on. There are no files in "Conflicting Changes" Is there any way to get data lost from this apparent share bug? The app wasn't running smoothly on her iPhone 10, perhaps that has been a less stable version. VERY frustrating - I lost all my preparation for an important keynote speech I volunteered to give next week. Thanks for any help!
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