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  1. A very weird issue with printing a note to PDF. Say you 'Opened' a note N1 in a , and you are also browsing across the notes in the main UI of EN, and lets say that you have selected a note N2 (but did not 'Open' it!) Now, if you try to print the note N1 from the Menu bar available on top of the note, it prints note N2! Plz fix this too!
  2. There is a bug with the 'Bullet list' & 'Numbered list'. When i extend the list (say, beyond 2nd or 3rd row), the cursor jumps back to the 1st bullet every time! This is becoming annoying when I have a long list. Also, if we create a list with multiple empty rows, I am not able to select multiple rows at a time! That is, when we Left Click & drag the mouse over the list(without any characters), it just doesn't get selected! Plz fix this. If this is a problem with my Settings, plz give suggestions to correct it. Ty
  3. Apart from lags, search problems, etc, I have noticed one more issue with the font Calibri. After the the update, the Calibri font has some unusual gaps between the letters, and also applying 'bold' format is giving a completely different look from what it looked prior to the update. Plz look into this issue too.
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