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  1. The new PDF holder has a large grey background/border taking up a lot of screen space that could be used to see the PDF itself.
  2. It's annoying when you scroll down through the note and unwittingly hit a PDF. The scroll 'stops' at the bottom of the PDF, so you have to move the mouse pointer off the PDF to the small part of the screen that is actually the note itself and start scrolling again. It used to be superfast to scroll through an entire note even if it had multiple PDFs in it.
  3. Same issue here. I switch between apps a lot, and each time I come back to Evernote I click in the note, start typing... realise it isn't working, click again, start typing again... it's very frustrating. I also copy text directly from PDFs in Evernote to paste into other apps. Now I drag the text to highlight it, and as soon as I press Ctrl-C the selection gets lost and I have to reselect. Not sure if this is the same issue as above, or a different one. But seems to be linked.
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