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  1. I can't find where the app version is but I just downloaded it last week so it should be pretty new. My OS version is 10.13.3. The problem has been happening when I send it from the app as well as from the web version.
  2. I think I'm also having a similar problem. I signed up through my google account, so it knows my email. However, when I try to verify my account by having EN send a verification email, it never arrives. My internet is fine, and the email is correct. I've checked all my email folders including the spam folder and still can't find it. I did sign up through my school email if that has anything to do with it. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. hello, I recently set up my account with Evernote by signing up through google. However, I haven't been receiving the confirmation email. There are some tasks I need to do that require me to verify my email, but despite sending it multiple times, it hasn't shown up. My inbox isn't full and the email is correct. I checked the spam folder and all the other folders too but still couldn't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas?
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