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  1. I seem to be experiencing a completely different issue now. The 2.8.1 upgrade fixed the crashes on dragging/dropping issue for me, and I was very excited. However, something worse seems to be happening now. Taking a new screenshot seems to overwrite the previously saved screenshot. To reproduce: take a screenshot with skitch set the filename at bottom left in skitch, i.e. "test1" drag/drop it into a folder in finder take a second screenshot in skitch note that "test1.png" (the saved version of the original screenshot) vanishes as soon as you take the second sc
  2. I was excited to notice that Skitch for OSX actually got an update (2.8.1) a few days ago on March 7. It seems to have actually fixed this bug for me! Super excited! Very glad to have this fix in one of my favorite tools!
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