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  1. oh yes, and especially in regards to Evernote with a Chromebook and an all-in-one
  2. Thank you for the comments and they are helpful. Though I was hoping if someone was using one of the above exact models or even better if someone from Evernote could make reference to them, or a preferred list of tried and tested all-in-ones from Evernote. Appreciated.
  3. Looking to purchase a ‘low cost’ all-in-one type printer/scanner for general use and with Evernote. Looked for a list of Evernote compatible all-in-ones and recommendations, however did not see such a list. I have been considering one of three printers – 1.) Canon MG7720 2.) Epson XP-640 3.) Epson XP-720 Does anyone have experience with those above and using them with Evernote and cloud type services. If you think another printer in this low cost range is more suitable, please mention it. Currently using Windows 7, but hope to move to a Chromebook and an iPhone or Android phone in the near future. I need a glass bed/platen surface for book/magazine scanning and my usage is ‘very’ low with only a few pages printed per month. Thank you in advance to any thoughts given to this.
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