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  1. Hi Pink & Wandering, Thank you for the info and encouragement. Thinking of the iPad mini. In the meantime I might be able to use an iPhone 6S Plus. Can I use a stylus on an iPhone 6s Plus? and if so, would it be the same stylus I would use on an iPad mini? (this way I could transfer the stylus to the mini at a later stage) I see that the iPhone 6S Plus is likely to get the iOS 14 upgrade very soon. So with this, would I still use Notability or is there another app I would use instead? Will this app sync automatically and add cumulative notes to note tab/file inside Evernote? (to make it easy to constantly update my random note folder as they build up in the Evernote file) Cheers & thanks again.
  2. Thanks for that and good suggestions, though I’m really looking for a very light portable device with stylus/pen to do this with. Say I up the item cost from $20-$100 to $50-$250 – would that make the difference? The little paper note pads I am currently small and would be fiddly and messy trying to scan them. I really need to be able to scribble something down in a digital format and so the device with stylus is really the solution. I think the question is more likely – which 7.5”-10” very light device would do this function. I see items like iPad mini 5 and Samsung Note. These items are quite dear and may be overkill for this function. Plus, I have never used them before, let alone for taking written notes on them, so I am not familiar as to how easy this writing function would be. (though guessing, likely good) Then you have other cheap 200g items like the Xiaome Mi LCD 10” Tablets for $17 which do not do the job, but cute all the same.
  3. Hi Evernote Peoples: Was hoping some of you might know of a good little Note Taking Device which will interface heaps of random notes (using an e-pen/stylus) to 1 file in Evernote. I find myself watching Podcasts, TV, talking to people or other.. Then scribbling down very random notes, tidbits, recipes, advice, etc. (& occasional doodle) onto a pocket note pad for further reference if ever needed. In the end I have a lot of small pocket notebooks full of small lost notes. So I was thinking that it would be nice to have a low cost ($20-$100) electronic note writer that would very easily send my random notes to cumulative file that storers this ever growing, random database of thoughts, references and ideas. These written notes would be transferred to that growing file in Evernote so that I could search it at any time with a few key words. For the sake of portability and ease of use it would be nice if this pen-based screen was backlit (to see in a darkened lounge), very light (200-500g) and with a diagonal screen size of 8” to 10” (so my hand writing is not too cramped-up on the page). I looked for info on this topic, but seemed to miss any reference to it. So I hope I am note repeating someones previously answered question. Thank you for any suggestions in advance and I hope others at Evernote find this topic useful.
  4. oh yes, and especially in regards to Evernote with a Chromebook and an all-in-one
  5. Thank you for the comments and they are helpful. Though I was hoping if someone was using one of the above exact models or even better if someone from Evernote could make reference to them, or a preferred list of tried and tested all-in-ones from Evernote. Appreciated.
  6. Looking to purchase a ‘low cost’ all-in-one type printer/scanner for general use and with Evernote. Looked for a list of Evernote compatible all-in-ones and recommendations, however did not see such a list. I have been considering one of three printers – 1.) Canon MG7720 2.) Epson XP-640 3.) Epson XP-720 Does anyone have experience with those above and using them with Evernote and cloud type services. If you think another printer in this low cost range is more suitable, please mention it. Currently using Windows 7, but hope to move to a Chromebook and an iPhone or Android phone in the near future. I need a glass bed/platen surface for book/magazine scanning and my usage is ‘very’ low with only a few pages printed per month. Thank you in advance to any thoughts given to this.
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