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  1. Thanks for this response, Dave. I was trying to figure out how to choose the default font. Do you know if they are going to reintroduce a way to import new fonts? There are instructions about how to do this using the old version of Evernote, but they didn't work for this one.
  2. I saw in the announcement that this update does not include support for Applescript at this time. . .
  3. I just installed for the first time today, and I am having the same issue. I was hoping to pick a default font, but preferences doesn't have any options beyond what Michael describes above.
  4. I am having this same issue, but I am a Premium member of Evernote and a very dependent user. I have two ScanSnap printers -- one at my home office (Evernote version) and one at my "office office" (ix500). Both of them stopped working when I upgraded to Mojave, but I was able to easily fix the ix500 with a software/driver upgrade. When I try to reinstall the Evernote for ScanSnap driver/software, I get a message saying that "installation failed." Fujitsu is not able to support the scanner and gave me a phone number to call which sent me to Evernote billing. I submitted a support ticket, b
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