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  1. I'm getting it repeatedly as well. It is frustrating....but not yet a deal breaker for me.
  2. For EN for Mac, is there a way to make a note "always on top" - meaning that whatever is open in that window, the note will remain "on top"? I'm listening to a podcast while also taking notes....switching back and forth between the two. Having the note on top would be great!
  3. I've got a new note and making notes on it while surfing the web - but, how can I keep the EN "note" (i've created the note in a separate window from the EN app) on top of the other apps I'm using for research?
  4. I too found success by applying the corrective measures @Don0819 learned from support. However, since I have done that, the web-clipper is gone and EN has pulled it from Safari Extension page due to the 32 bit vs. 64 bit requirement of the upcoming macOS release. I would love to have the clipper back. Am I missing something?
  5. I had to uninstall EN and reinstall due to the phantom "spotlight" crash notification was driving me nuts. Now I can't seem to find the EN clipper in the extension list for safari?
  6. My wife now has her own EN account. How can I “batch” move 100 of her notes from my EN over to her new one? Thanks!
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