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  1. Hello! I would love to see some kind of "focus mode" or another type of distracting-free, minimal writing mode. What do I mean? Some programs dedicated solely to writing have the ability to allow text I writing to stay in the middle of the window, 2/3 of the window etc. This is really useful if you write longer notes. Such mode can, for instance, dims everything but the current sentence you are writing. Thanks in advance for supporting this idea. Tom
  2. Hello! I'm not sure whether it's a bug or feature but this behavior of Evernote on Mac really annoys me. When I open Evernote main window, then start composing a new note in a separate window, I often minimize Evernote main window. After some time, it happens I also minimize this new note. When I want to go back to it and click on Evernote icon in mac's dock - guess what happens? Evernote/Mac open not THE note, but main Evernote window. This is really, really annoying, frustrating and illogical for me. Could you fix this issue or provide me a solution? Thanks in advance! Tom
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