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  1. Yeah, something is going on here. I had to un-sync a device that it said was last used 2 weeks ago. I used it yesterday. How about removing the monthly unsync limit for basic users until this tragedy of an upgrade is resolved?
  2. Snarky and short sighted. When I leave EN they is no chance of ever getting me to pay or recommend the software.
  3. ...and 6 weeks later, the application still prompts folks to 'upgrade' only to experience the same frustration and disappointment. From now on, I read the forums before I upgrade. Back to legacy it is...and maybe a different notes solution...
  4. The recent upgrade has not gone well and I feel sorry for the poor developers who were planning on a quiet holiday season. I personally haven't found a way to work through the issues just yet. One thing is for sure, I'm trying different versions on different devices which is putting me into a situation where I need to unsync devices. With the monthly limit on my basic account, that creates a problem. Adding insult to injury, the system is asking me to pay for the upgrade 😕
  5. I have the same issue on windows 10.5.7. Whatever notebook has focus, the notes in it, seem to work fine but anytime I try to open another notebook I get this screen. The application is totally unusable.
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