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  1. The daily reminder email has been a great tool for me. I use it to guide actions for the day and usually print this out to stay on track as I move locations. The email is timely (~6am), simple and reliable. The format of this email is terrible, looks cheap and is not up to the Evernote standard of refinement. Some very simple edits could improve the page dramatically. Allow me to elaborate... The attached image from March 16 will be a great example. The primary problem is page real estate. Once the email header is printed there is 8.25 inches of space for the Evernote reminder message. This was a light day with only 4 items and you can see the page is full...only 4 reminders! Another reminder and it's pushed to a 2 page print, which would still mostly be redundant information. 1) The top portion of the message takes up 36% of the vertical page. Why do the items (evernote logo, date box and 'Here's What's due...") here have to be stacked? Look at all of that blank space on the left and right! These are clearly reminders since it's been marked as such all over the page. Why do I need to be told, 'Here's what's due today'? Delete this line. And, if this is really necessary, does it need to the the biggest text on the page? 2) The bottom portion takes up 27% of the page, every day, with the same redundant message. I know Evernote syncs across all my devices. I know how to download the app for every device. Does everyone really need to be told this, every day with such a giant notification? This entire block is really fine print so make it fine print and shrink it's footprint. 3) Since the top header and bottom fine print take up 36% and 27% respectively, that leaves only 36% of the first page for actual content. Only 1/3 of the page for content?!?! ...and look at all that blank page space. 4) Since this email amounts to a checklist, why not make it one? Left justify the note titles/notebook names and add some space to the left for a checkbox or area for handwritten notes about each item for the day. That would make this email usable as a checklist or agenda instead of the simple notice it appears to be. Any improvements in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your consideration!
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