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  1. I use Evernote on a daily basis as a simple presentation tool (I'm a teacher). It's wonderful. I can share notes, there are dozens of useful and functional features like embedded video, web browsing... you know all this. The formatting system is a disgrace though. In 8 years, having created hundreds of notes, I have found it absolutely impossible to create formatting that will reliably correspond to what is in the "presentation" version of the note: image size, font size, line spacing, indentation, and text appearance are wildly inconsistent and turn carefully built notes into a visual ni
  2. I love this product and use presentation mode for all my classes (I'm a history teacher), and for most of my other projects. But I have a huge issue with the formatting... Somehow, between the note and the presentation, the line spacing, text arrangement, font sizes and styles are completely inconsistent. Italics become bold italics (this happens every time, but then how do I have non-bold italics in my presentation?)... Single line breaks become three--line breaks, even after changing the original note... The text arrangement on the note is never the same as on the presentation, making f
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