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  1. At least, they can give us some feedback, can’t they? It’s just a few minutes. I believe we deserve it...
  2. Thanks for sharing. Good to know. Not exactly what we’ve been waiting for, But it should relieve our anxiety on unintentional changes.
  3. Yeah, read only tag option might be easy to implement. We have been waiting long enough.
  4. I don’t think so. Generally, management only knows whole numbers of requests and it’s progress. They don’t have time to check every posts. I know there many other requests and they have their priority. But all we want to say is that it’s has been 8 years......, really?
  5. It‘s almost insane. In this 5 years, they have been developing so many other features. But about this, nothing has been done. We might should be get angry on this. Is there any way to make them get attention to this??
  6. Please seriously consider this feature. Ive been using Evernote for almost 10 years with the fear that I could accidentally erase or modify my precious data. although I know I can restore from previous version on the web, i cannot do that on iOS. And what if I dont get noticed the fact I accidentally change data. This possibility makes me so anxious and keep me from using Evernote with important data.😭 I believe this is a common issue among many user!!
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