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  1. Same issue is happening to me, I'm usng a Galaxy Note 8. Android clipping used to work in my device, currently is not saving the clipped notes with appropiate format. One workaround that I'm using: Perform an android clip in my device for a web page in any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Samsung web browser, etc. Web page is added to Evernote, obviously with out any format like used to be. In desktop Evernote app open the note clipped from android device and navigate to the source link. when source link opened in desktop browser, for example in Chrome, i clipped in there with Evernote clip extension. Now the web page is clipped with the original format in web browser, you can discard the original clipped note from android device. A lot of steps but at least you can store your notes with the original format whenever you require them. Obviously, this need to be solved in order to have functionality back again. Regards.
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