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  1. Glad it got "published." I agree the bot's job is safe - until Evernote as an entity goes under. My very first attempted post here was not "approved" overnight, probably more than 10 hours after submitting - so I deleted it and wrote another post and the post complaining about censorship. As far as I can remember, I got things posted right away on Google's platform/forum, and numerous other websites. Heck, I could even post something faster on a Chinese website under the censorship of the Great Firewall of China. I guess all of those websites have a sort of bots running behin
  2. Really. That's fantastic job - as long as "made a lot of people very happy." This " Clipper Team" really deserves a lot of praise: busy removing widely useful function, busy participating user feedback, and finally busy bringing all back, and made a lot of people very happy. How precious is that! As much as I love using Evernote, often mutiple times a day, I won't be surprise this app will be gone or obsolete in a few years. So many fronts of Evernote are so incompetent and nobody is accountable for such moronic actions. And of course, nobody is able to read this - except for forum
  3. Yes, mentioned functions are back (utterly confused why removed in previous version - made no sense at all). Now, new issue: why the search notebook function is case sensitive? Majority of people name their notebooks with capitalization judicially or deliberately, but while doing search, it should be a subconscious process - not thinking "do I need to capitalize this word or not" sort of things.
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