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  1. Glad it got "published." I agree the bot's job is safe - until Evernote as an entity goes under. My very first attempted post here was not "approved" overnight, probably more than 10 hours after submitting - so I deleted it and wrote another post and the post complaining about censorship. As far as I can remember, I got things posted right away on Google's platform/forum, and numerous other websites. Heck, I could even post something faster on a Chinese website under the censorship of the Great Firewall of China. I guess all of those websites have a sort of bots running behind. Kudos to you gurus. The way you described sounds very enticing and far superior to others and such measurements supposedly work to help Evernote to be a better product. Unfortunately, the user experience does NOT agree. For example, this very Web Clipper fiasco.
  2. Really. That's fantastic job - as long as "made a lot of people very happy." This " Clipper Team" really deserves a lot of praise: busy removing widely useful function, busy participating user feedback, and finally busy bringing all back, and made a lot of people very happy. How precious is that! As much as I love using Evernote, often mutiple times a day, I won't be surprise this app will be gone or obsolete in a few years. So many fronts of Evernote are so incompetent and nobody is accountable for such moronic actions. And of course, nobody is able to read this - except for forum censors. Seriously? Need to be approved just for a forum post? I strongly suggest employees start looking for another job, if not yet - even YOU - forum censors.
  3. Yes, mentioned functions are back (utterly confused why removed in previous version - made no sense at all). Now, new issue: why the search notebook function is case sensitive? Majority of people name their notebooks with capitalization judicially or deliberately, but while doing search, it should be a subconscious process - not thinking "do I need to capitalize this word or not" sort of things.
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